Random Thoughts


My landlords had a party today. It included swimming, biking and a dance party. My roommate’s away and she recommended I go for the dance portion.

The thing is… I can’t dance.

I’m like Kevin James in Hitch. I am not as bad as Elaine from Seinfeld, but I inherited my dad’s dance skills.

I found this bad dancers video and laughed so hard throughout it. You’re welcome.

This video on Facebook is precious. “I be pretty.” I’ve watched it at least 10 times.

I’m continuing to learn about teaching and education. Next to parents, I think teaching is the hardest job ever. Being “on” all the time is sometimes hard for the introvert part of me. But the investment in the future as I watch 25 second graders grow in their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world is a beautiful thing.