My First Hockey Game



Recently I went to my first hockey game. We sat in the nose bleed section. It was great other than my minor freak outs about standing up during the National Anthem. I felt like I was going to fall.

As I was watching the game, observing fans (including the two girls I went with that knew a little bit more than I did), I couldn’t help but compare my experience with going to a new church.

Ways hockey is like the church

  1. It has its own lingo.Ok, so I still don’t really know hockey lingo, so I can’t give examples, but with every sport comes terms that are rarely heard elsewhere. Same thing with the church.
  2. The music is weird.At this game, the music involved an organ playing pop hits. Sad. Likewise, I’ve been a part of churches that leave much to be desired when it comes to the music portion of services.
  3. You have chants that some people know and confuse the other.There are prayers said in churches that are like second nature to those who grew up there. I’ve visited some churches that had liturgy and stand up/sit down interchanges that people knew; I was confused. Visitors to your churches might feel out of place.
  4. You get mad at the refs/people in charge + get vocal about it.I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in churches. Unfortunately pastors usually get the brunt of people’s anger over petty issues. Some people come to hockey games just to see a fight. I have a few friends that post things on Facebook just to get a reaction from Christians.
  5. Continuous interchange of people throughout the game.
    Another truth is that in some churches, staff don’t last long. The staff changes constantly. It happens, but it’s sometimes hard to keep up with — much like my confusion of who was in or out in the hockey game.

Now, I just really want to watch Mighty Ducks. Gold star for the first one to add it to your free movies, Netflix or Amazon Prime!