We all want to be chosen.

Well, except for jury duty.

I was thinking about this concept of being chosen/belonging this morning and realized it is a theme of my life.

I want to be CHOSEN. For someone to see that I am worth their time, whether that is in a relationship or a work culture. I just want someone to CHOOSE me.

A few experiences came to mind with this topic.

In middle school I tried out for the 7th grade basketball team.

My best friend was tall and a natural at basketball.

I was… well, not.

So I became manager of the basketball team that year, so I could still feel like I was part of the team.

Eighth grade tryouts rolled around, and I was back.

This time I made it.

On the B team.

No one ever told me when high school tryouts were, which ended up being fine because band ruled my life in high school.

It’s all good — I’m not much of a sports person anyway.

I’ve also worked a few jobs where I have done internships with the hopes of getting hired on afterwards.

That hasn’t happened either.

While I am still longing to belong and be chosen, my choices also shape that reality.

I am finishing up a year-long internship in DC and I am making the CHOICE to stay here.

I am choosing my community of friends to invest in over the next year (hopefully longer).

Who are you choosing to do life with these days? Do you have the power to choose someone to be on your team? You have no idea the impact that choice could make on that person.




I’ve been radio silent because my computer crashed and I am just now getting it back up and running.

I’ve also been finishing up my internship, which has been very busy as of late.

I’m reading a book and the latest chapter talks about cynicism vs. joy.

As children, we naturally lean more towards joy. As we get older and tainted by life, our default becomes cynicism.

I used to be such an optimist. A few weeks ago, someone confronted me about the negative spirit I was displaying in my answers to their questions. The first step to dealing with cynicism is recognizing that you ARE cynical.

What are the best ways you’ve fought cynicism or fought for joy?