North + South


I have lived in DC for a year and a half now. I joined a church that is #OnMissionEveryDay

Last year I went to Northern Ireland and helped with a church┬áthat┬áput on a citywide festival called iHeartDerry. I loved working with kids again — it was a catalyst for pursuing positions after my protege year where I could interact with children. My team was amazing, and I loved experiencing a new part of the world.

On Friday, I am embarking on another adventure. I am joining nineteen other people traveling to South Africa. This year I have had to confront my own ideas about race. Current events help me ponder and form my thoughts on racial reconciliation. I am ready to be a student (not a savior) in South Africa and learn more about the culture, history, and what God is doing through His people there now.

Don’t be fooled… this is the beginning of their winter season. It’ll be a nice spring/fall-like weather for this Michigan girl who is struggling with 90’s in May in DC! However, I do plan to try surfing in the Indian Ocean. Because how many times can you say you’ve done that?!

Specific prayer requests:

  • People to Meet! So excited whenever I go somewhere new because that means the country will become personal. I’ll be able to know names, faces, and stories of people in South Africa.
  • Willingness to Learn. I LOVE LEARNING. It’s one of my top 5 strengths in StrengthsFinder. Sometimes the stretching of minds/ideas is painful. Learning the hard truths of what life has been like for some people is a hard pill to swallow. Hoping my compassion will increase.
  • Rest. Honestly, I’m in deep need for rest. Hoping I can get some of it while away.
  • Team Health
  • Team Unity
  • Luggage getting there!
  • Safe flights

From North to South, I love travel. I love the Church. I love learning more about myself, God and others. #LoveDoes