HOME + Community


Last week, I met up with my first friend.


We grew up together. We went to church together growing up. We have taken different life paths since graduating high school, but we remain friends through it all. We are both pretty determined women who set goals and accomplished exactly what we set out to do. Her goal was to become a lawyer and mine was to become a youth minister. While she is still a lawyer, I am flexible to what a youth minister looks like. I prefer being in the education system and meeting tons of different kids rather than working at a church.

While her life looks different than mine, she is a sense of HOME for me. Community is something I will continue to fight for, but it is so encouraging being around people you are automatically comfortable with because you’ve known each other so long.

I sat by her in church last week, and it felt so nice, especially after my recent struggle for connection in churches in this area (see the previous blog post). Her mom sat on the other side of her and commented how nice it was to sit with her two young ladies again!

The crazy part is that while my friend left our hometown area, I’ve gotten to know her mom better. This is the second time I’m back in my hometown connecting with my friends’ moms. Community is messy (thanks for the phrase, Heather Zempel) and something I will always fight for. One of my favorite books is Because of Winn-Dixie because the girl finds community with a multi-generational set of people. Community no longer consists of only my peers.

Keep going, keep pursuing community, and be thankful for those special friendships where you can pick up right where you left off when they are back in town.

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