Why ORANGE should be a new Color


My church is pretty amazing. And I don’t mean a BUILDING. I mean the people.

Seven people shared how they were using their sphere of influence to further the Kingdom. It is exciting and even though it was from a few years ago, it’s still one of my favorite messages.

There’s a great movement happening in the church called ORANGE. It focuses on what can happen when churches and families partner together to support each other in this crazy thing called parenting. I do not have children, but I want to someday.

Reggie Joiner is passionate about children and the impact legacy can have on them.

What I think is missing from this is a HUGE part of childhood: SCHOOL. We would be missing out on a huge chunk of students’ lives if we did not encourage and support teachers to invest into our children.

You can watch the whole message. Education is 30:45-35:45.

Teachers in trauma-filled areas have the chance to be a safe harbor – loved how Sha put that!

Let’s partner with schools in our area. What better way to strengthen families and the church than to go into the marketplace of children/student ministry – SCHOOLS.


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