The past week I have watched more documentaries than I care to admit because I was sick and still had to work. Here are my favorites. You can find these on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video:

G-Dog. Incarnation. Kinship. Community. Hope. Belonging. Family. This is a fantastic story about a priest working with some of the toughest gang members in L.A. He provides job opportunities and training to get them on the right track. Powerful story of second chances. Find Homeboy Industries on Facebook.

American Promise. While I am not sure I would like this as a young person, a couple decided to follow their son and his friend’s journey in education as two young black men in a white private school in New York. It was insightful about the challenges these young men faced. The questions these young men asked were powerful. “Would it be better if I was white?” was one that floored me.

180 Days. This one hit close to home because it is an inside look into a DC high school. I recognize so many factors in this one because I am working with a younger version of these students. I tutor K-3rd graders in reading.

Tent City, U.S.A. I love Nashville, but I had no idea about Tent City. I love the idea of homeless people creating safe environments and communities to take care of each other. Lots of great questions about how to truly help these people.

The Waiting Room. I cringed. There’s a reason I didn’t choose a profession in the medical field. Challenges of people without health insurance in the ER. It also makes me appreciate doctors and nurses who try to do their best in this situation.

Do you have a favorite documentary?


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