Holidays + Singleness


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite time of year. (I LOVE CHRISTMAS!).

However, the past few years have been difficult for various reasons.

Being an adult child of divorce, the holidays are tougher because there’s just never enough time to be at all the places you want to be.

I was talking to my dad earlier about the fact that I’m my own family unit now. He and my stepmom live in another state with my youngest stepbrother, so while I am part of a blended family, I am on my own. I am in all aspects independent (Cue Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, or Destiny’s Child).

I can handle Valentine’s Day just fine as a single person. You won’t find me crying about it over a box of chocolates. But an entire month packed with back to back holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas AND NYE), family get togethers, Christmas lights, and parties with friends, it makes you realize you’re alone.

That being said, most days I am thankful for this season. Who knows how long it will last, and it will never again be like it is now.

How do you handle holiday loneliness? Netflix? Isolation?

My Challenge to you (and myself): Get out there! Meet up with some people. While you might not meet “the One” at a Christmas party, you never know… and you’re bound to have some good food.


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