DC Living: Travel (Cars)


Having a car can be a good thing.

But then you weigh the pros and cons and notice that it’s ok to live in DC without it.


  • You have freedom to explore the DMV* more than a few miles.
  • You can escape the city at any given point.
  • Group outings
  • Can lessen travel time


  • Registering your car at the DMV** (I hear this is nightmare-ish)
  • Tickets (our church actually budgets for tickets for their church van)
  • Gas prices
  • Tickets
  • Parking (usually metered or parallel or zoned two hour parking)
  • Did I mention tickets?

I’ve lived for over a year without a car. I’m not great at asking people for rides, but my roommate definitely is. Now that I’ve figured out more bus routes, I am better, but you definitely want to make friends with people with cars. 🙂

*While most places DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, in DC DMV stands for DC, Maryland, Virginia.

**In this instance DMV actually does stand for Department of Motor Vehicles.


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