DC Living: Travel


In DC, WMATA is your friend.

OK, so maybe there are metro problems. Lines close. You have to be flexible and plan around it.

But for the most part, I am rarely in a hurry when using public transportation. I do not use the metro for my commute — I take two buses.

That being said, if you DON’T know, there’s a 7-day bus pass you can purchase on the WMATA site for $17.50. If you ride the bus more than 10 times/week, it actually works in your favor. I take the bus to church as well, so it’s a good deal for me.

Buses go pretty much everywhere, so I’m glad I’ve mostly overcome my fear of sitting next to strangers (man, the school bus I rode when I was younger could be so brutal while sitting next to older kids…).

App I use: DC Metro Transit
Includes Metro Map, Next Bus/Train, Trip Planner and more.

Cars are another story in DC… Next post will cover that…


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