An Open Letter to Ingrid Michaelson


An Open Letter to Ingrid Michaelson


I saw you in DC Saturday night at the beautiful Lincoln Theatre. I’m sure you remember me, the awkward introvert in the front row. I didn’t know what to do — just trying to take it all in was overwhelming. I have looked forward to your concert since I found out about it. I didn’t know who to watch on stage because each part of your band was essential. Loved the variety of instruments: accordian, trumpet, uke…. It’s not every day you see a band playing instruments who are not just dancing around on stage. I was part of your street team, so I was able to enjoy your show for free (thanks!).

Normally I would choose a seat in the balcony, but how often do you get to sit front row at a concert for an amazing musician?

Thank you for sharing your music. It’s witty + you and your band have great musical talent.

I don’t know how you do it… Creating an amazing experience night after night for fans. I know it must get exhausting. Glad you were able to relax a little bit the second night since you didn’t have a big loadin.

Keep writing great music. Next time I’ll try to remember lyrics from more than one cd so I can sing along more, although I find that awkward and sometimes just want to appreciate hearing you sing it yourself (even though I know tons of people feel the need to sing along to every song of yours).

The thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that I host concerts weekly at a DC coffeehouse, Ebenezers Coffeehouse. I love musicians, although I don’t go all crazy over finding out every detail of their life, especially if they’re famous. I would be the person who passes famous people on the street without recognizing them. Because at the end of the day, we’re all human. Reminds me of your song “Blood Brothers”.

I’m sure there were other fans who were more “front row” people at your concert, who knew every song and would sing along. But for a night, I was able to enjoy being at a concert and not having to worry about payout, if we promoted well enough, or if the musicians would be late to sound check.

Thanks again for writing great music.

Sincerely, Jenni

PS I know I’m a few years late, but congrats on marrying Greg Laswell, another amazing musician (yes, the day of the concert is the day I found out you guys got married in 2011). Loved your music separately but am excited you guys found each other. Seems like a great match to me. Let me know if you guys are ever in DC, and I’ll buy you coffee at Ebenezers.


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