How to Be Pursued By a Guy


How to Be Pursued By a Guy

Wow. If I could send this to every single female I would. Click the link above to check out a great post by Perry Noble.

It’s like the Christian version of He’s Just Not That Into You, a movie I often think of when friends obsess over whether a guy likes them or not.

I cannot say I am a pro at this.
Like so many women, I over-analyze.
I don’t date often… Hello introvert that needs to interact with people more. ha.

If I could respond, I would suggest to single men:

  1. Be honest! 
    If you expect it from women, we should expect it from you. I once told a family friend that I liked him and asked if anything could happen between us. He was really nice in letting me know that he did not view me that way. My respect for him only grew, but at least I knew and did not have to spend anymore time wondering.
  2. Know that not all girls are like your ex. 
    This really makes me mad that good guys are messed up by women who manipulate them. My best advice is to get counseling or at least talk things through with a good friend who can help you recognize how she has effected you.
  3. Ask her out (in person!)
    Yes, it would be easier to text, email, DM, or any other way of communicating to her your intent. But you’re going to have to hang out in person time anyway if you want to get to know her. Be a man; ask her in person.

Any dating advice you’d recommend?


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