Social Media: How Much is Enough?


In the past few months, I have expanded my social media outlets.

I joined Twitter… for the fourth time. (I opened accounts but lived in an area where no one really used it… now that I’m in a city, I am using it to “stay connected” with people).

I joined Instagram. I like that from a photography standpoint, but honestly, when my former roommate showed me all the filters, there’s not much difference… Ha.

I’ve always like Facebook (even when Myspace was around as my friend Lolly can attest to my preference for FB). However, a few years ago, I realized how much I don’t like Facebook for sharing personal information. Granted, you can reach your entire audience all at once and those who want to pay attention to your life and BIG MOMENTS can.

In watching HIMYM finale early Tuesday morning, I really resonated with Lilly. She’s sentimental and did not want to lose the connections she shared with people who defined moments in her life. At least they were there for each other’s Big Moments.

With social media, it seems that we are trading in big moments for pictures of those moments. A few years ago I found out about a friend’s engagement via Facebook. If I did not use Facebook for work, I probably would have shut down my account by now.

With my added accounts recently, I find myself so divided between all the outlets.

I’m easily distracted as I flit from one to the other looking for someone’s like, comment, approval.

In order to live my life to the fullest, I want to EXPERIENCE life, not just live through pictures. It is a challenge to me since I really love photography.

Do you struggle with social media? Do you ever go anywhere without your phone/camera?

Sometimes I think life is just meant to be experienced without the pressure to have something to share with others.


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