Must Love Dogs


One of my favorite jobs I have ever had is dog sitting. Within a year, I had about ten families that I dog sat for. I miss them a lot!

I am a dog person. I LOVE them.

My first dog, a black lab named Pepper, ran away when she was ten months old. After her tragically short life, we got a new black lab named Chopper (short for Chubby Hopper). Chopper was there through a lot of my family drama. She was a welcoming committee for every visitor to our home. She was a constant source of comfort for my dad after my parents’ divorce. She was the perfect model for my picture-taking adventures at home. Not to mention, she was adorable to the day she died.

Dogs love you no matter what. There’s something so beautiful in that simple fact. They are easily pleased and love food.

It reminds me of this movie:

I haven’t watched in a really long time, but it has two of my favorite actors in it: Diane Lane (Under the Tuscan Sun) and John Cusack (Sixteen Candles, Anastasia, Say Anything + Serendipity).

Dogs just make the world a happier place.
One of my goals for my 30’s (I still have a little bit over six months until I turn 30…) is to own a dog. I CANNOT WAIT!
Thank God for dogs.


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