A Response: Donald Miller + Church Community


I breathed a sigh of relief as I read this post by Donald Miller.

The funny thing about my life journey is that I entered college thinking I wanted to be a music ministry major just because I love music. By October of my freshmen year I changed majors, but I kept music as my minor.

I spent the last two years at Storyline Church (named before Donald Miller’s franchise), which does not include sing-a-long Sunday worship music. It uses music you would hear on the radio to go along with the messages.

Donald wrote a followup post because of how much pushback he got from the original post.

A few years ago I read Mark Beeson’s blog about how people connect with God in different ways. Why do people have such a hard time with this? I think it was more of the fact that Don admitted he has not gone to church in years. While I don’t think it’s wrong to miss church every once in a while, we all need Christian community… whether that’s the normal Church setting, a small group or something new that everyone will not think of as “Church”.

It’s common to hear around National Community Church that we need lots of different churches to reach lots of different people.



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