“Let It Go” from Frozen


I am all about MBTI (I am an INFJ). I love getting to know more about people’s personalities and how to better interact with them. I recently saw a chart with 16 Disney princesses, and I am the same personality as Elsa from Frozen.

Having seen the movie over Christmas break with my mom, I realized why I liked her so much. She was strong and beautiful but not the outgoing, “fun” sister. I really liked Elsa’s dress on the mountain and her ice castle (although unlike her, I would be having an asthma attack climbing mountains!). At the end of the description on the chart, it says “value self-control and the pursuit of the greater good, but has difficulty listening to their own needs”. Sounds pretty spot on to me.

I just really liked the movie and am understanding more about myself as I see things in other people (even if they are only animated).

What’s your MBTI?


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